Counsel and automotive investment expertise

Lovers of beautiful cars are sometimes ready to put more than 150,000 euros in the model that makes them vibrate. But investors also want a good deal. The prospects for capital gains count at least as much as the softness of the upholstery and the sparkling chrome …

These cars, which the value are going to climb, you will certainly not find them by talking to the dealers around you, but by asking the specialists focused on this specific field of activity.

And if you think that your budget is too limited to allow you such an adventure, you will surely be surprised to find that the value of a good old 2CV negotiable still today around 10,000 euros can perfectly double on the horizon of ten years ...

Cars built between the post-war years and the late 1970s represent great opportunities. There are still some, in perfect condition and at relatively reasonable prices (from 10,000 to 50,000 €), with the advantage of being able to drive, a major asset for true collectors.

Another interesting niche, the « youngtimers ». Their rating is still low, but it should quickly climb, as for the famous Peugeot 205 GTI, still accessible, but for how long?

Any classic car, in other words, according to the administration, over 30 years of age, benefits from attractive taxation. When reselling, you will be subject to the choice of:

  • Has a flat tax of 6.5% on the total amount of the transaction
  • Or the tax on the capital gain of the general system (i.e. 19% tax plus 17.2% social security contributions), but that's a good surprise, with a total exemption from this tax from the age of 22 detention of the vehicle.

Be aware that the price of cars produced in the 1970s is on the rise! It is not necessarily the most expensive cars, nor the oldest ones, that have the best future. One of the periods to be favored today is therefore the 1970s.

For each price level, you are sure to find vehicles that are likely to increase in value over the years and, which is not negligible, very fun to drive! Driving pleasure is a major asset.

In short, there is something for all types of drivers and all budgets. Even those with a low budget who are in love with rustic models can make a good deal by finding a car corresponding to their financial means. Why not the famous 2 CV Charleston?

You are interested, want to invest while having fun with the acquisition of a beautiful old car and to enjoy great moments of emotion behind the steering wheel without losing your money, making a profit?

I am available, listening to you and ready to put my knowledge, my Passion and my network at your disposal. I will be very happy to assist you in your project.